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Desktop computers for Schools

Desktop computers for Schools are a specialist area. They still remain the mainstay for school ICT departments. JSL Education Systems supply computers from the likes of Dell, HP and Lenovo. Because we are an Authorised Microsoft Refurbisher we can supply second user computers for your school from a broad spectrum of manufacturers.
We supply the full range of desktop computers for your school to meet your needs and budget. From All In One touchscreen PCs to mini PCs to be tucked away discretely. Whatever is required we are sure we can supply the right machine at the right price to you.

Desktop computers for Schools – why buy from JSL?

JSL Education Systems like to spend some time understanding your requirements of your new PCs. We never oversell products, our customers know we will never sell them a high end twin graphics card, superfast processor model when all that is required is a machine to complete admin tasks with the likes of Word and Excel. There are times we won’t sell you a new machine at all if all that is needed is a memory upgrade or replacing the old platter style hard disk with a new SSD drive. These simple upgrades can really extend the working life of your computers whilst making large savings against new machines.

Now more than ever budgets are restricted for Schools. This is especially relevant to our purchasing team who search for the very best deals direct from distribution. We can always be competitive on price. We will quite often purchase in bulk to get the best discounted price available to pass on the savings to our customers. This is why we have a very long history with most of our schools as they know we will always get the best for the budget available.

We can also offer training on your new computers and software. Our engineers are fully versed in teaching our customers how to use their new machines and software. This means you get the very best return on your investment

Furthermore JSL Education Systems can supply single machines to complete computer networks for your school. We offer a free network check and audit to potential new customers so leave you with a full understanding of what is required.

For more information contact our team on 01494 410777, mail us HERE or fill out our contact us form HERE.

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Serious GDPR data breach at a Rochester Grammar School

Rochester Grammar School has reported itself to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) after a serious GDPR data breach (from the BBC).
An unencrypted USB stick containing data of over 1000 pupils was lost and handed back to the school by a member of the public.
This failure to follow GDPR policies has left the school open to potentially huge fines, highlighting the absolute need for not only training staff in GDPR procedures but ensuring all policies are followed – and the reasons why. For Security ANY data leaving School premises MUST be in an encrypted format.

GDPR in schools

GDPR in schools, what does this mean?

“We were moving to a new office which needed WiFi installing throughout. With fairly tight deadlines JSL were able to supply us with all the testing kit we needed to make sure we bought what was right for us. The entire team were friendly and helpful throughout the process and continue to offer great after sales support. I would happily use them again and recommend them to anyone.”
Matt Bull

It is great to work with a company who gives 110% to its customers. I have worked in NHS, private and education over the years and I will have to say that JSL are the first IT support company who I have actually enjoyed working with!
School Business Manager, Heritage House School

“The support I get from JSL is fantastic and this helps my school team feel empowered with their use of ICT. We have built up an excellent relationship with our dedicated support technician and as a result all issues in school are resolved every fortnight!”
Paul Clifford
Deputy Head Teacher, Iver Village Junior School

JSL has supported our school for a number of years. They have advised us on appropriate equipment to buy and have arranged purchase, delivery, installation and speedy resolution of any problems. All of their personnel are extremely friendly and have shown great patience when helping school staff, especially those who are less confident when using new technology. We have always been delighted with their service!
Mrs Jan Tyson
Headteacher, Turnfurlong Infant School

JSL are quick to respond to problems. They will listen to our vision and work with us to give us the systems to achieve our goals! Forward thinking, forever looking at improvements but always in mind of best value!
School Business Director, Booker Park & Stocklake Park Schools, The Vale Federation of Special Schools

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