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From project planning to final handover of your WiFi network, we have vast experience. From single access points to campus wide installations JSL offer the perfect, cost effective solution to your needs. This includes areas in the past unable to receive a WiFi signal.

Ruckus Wireless is used by many of the giants in the networking industry. It is their choice for superior performance indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity. With Ruckus Smart WiFi JSL can better provide uninterrupted, reliable WiFi coverage, and assure best-in-class performance and availability. Single units can be configured with the “unleashed” firmware meaning no controller required.

Adaptive wireless meshing
Sophisticated user access controls
Automatic traffic redirection
Integrated Wi-fi client performance tools
Elegant and simple guest networking functions
Rogue AP detection and advanced Wi-Fi security features
Flexible WLAN groups
Extensive authentication support
Robust network management

WiFi for schools is different to standard instalations.

This is where JSLs’ experience is a valuable asset. We have managed to create WiFi networks in schools where previously others have failed. Connectivity in those previously unreachable areas is assured, from outbuildings to the furthest corner of main buildings, we have seen it all.

With more guests requiring WiFi connectivity we can build in a separate guest network. This guarantees the security of your schools private data from unauthorised access.

Our clients are mostly spread across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire areas though we do cover the whole of the South and South East of the UK.

Where budget is key JSL can help as we are often able to offer trade-in deals on your old hardware. Or we can create a platform that can be expanded upon when required or budget allows.

And it gets EVEN BETTER  РJSL are offering a FREE WiFi network assessment and work with you to plan and install the VERY best options for you.

Contact our team on 01494 410777 or email us HERE or fill out our contact form HERE and one of our consultants will answer all of your WiFi questions.

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Internet connectivity and broadband We can offer complete network solutions for your business and major or minor upgrades to your system.

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JSL Education is part of the JSL Services Group We have over 40 man years experience in the IT sector and have a proven track record of providing best of breed solutions from the top vendors.
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